Top 7 Email Marketing Services for 2014

Top 7 Email Marketing Services for 2014

Business owners and internet marketers knows the fact that email marketing is one of the most effective and powerful marketing tools around. Its ability to reach out to millions of potential client is unparalleled. In conjunction with other marketing strategies like social media marketing and its effectiveness just goes up twofold. The potential is limitless. You can take advantage of the fact the majority of online users are spending their time online reading e-mails.

You will need an effective management system that can automate your marketing campaign for you. Just make sure that you customize your letter that will suit your target market and not just use the ready made templates to increase its effectiveness.

Although there are a huge selection of companies that provide e-mail marketing service, we have successfully reduced the list to what we feel are the leaders in this industry.

icontact Email Marketing

Constant Contact
Constant Contact Email Marketing

AWeber Email Marketing

Mailchimp Email Marketing

Pinpointe Email Marketing

SalesNexus Email Marketing

Benchmark Email Marketing



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