Top 7 Hosting for Resellers for 2014

Top 7 Hosting for Resellers for 2014

Most companies that provides reseller hosting services have a dedicated server or have bought hosting plans directly from hosting providers. It is a profitable business for most companies who have lots of unused hosting space and bandwidth that they can lease to small businesses that are looking for cost-effective and reliable hosting plans.

It is easy to setup and take advantage of the fact that reseller hosting is very appealing to small businesses that have hosting needs for their website. You can easily generate more income if your line of business includes web administration, web design and SEO. You will have the opportunity to offer them individually or group them as a package for more attractive deals.

The Best Reseller Hosting Companies

The Following hosting companies were found to have a lot of users and is most trusted that offers high quality reseller web hosting service at a very affordable price.



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